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PT. DINA SETYA RAHMA TOURS & TRAVEL was established in 1 Agustus 1987 as an Indonesia Incorporated Company. It is licensed to operate as A Travel Agent, Tour and Coach Operator. Also as a member of IATA and ASITA.

Today with total staff of 100, it operates from its Head Office in  Jl. Pemuda  72 – 73 A Rawamangun Jakarta 13220  PO Box 1298 Jakarta with branch offices in  Pondok Ungu  :  Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 27  Pondok Ungu Telp. (021) 88850620, 8849900 Fax (021) 8848900, Gedung Puskop Mabes TNI : Jl. Raya Bogor No. 1 Kramat Jati Jakarta Timur  Telp. (021) 80889090, Mal Puri Indah Unit 001 Lt. Dasar Pintu Barat : Jl. Puri Agung Indah  Telp. (021) 5813851, 5813853  Fax  (021) 5813211 Jakarta 11610, DEPTAN  :  Jl. Raya Harsono RM No. 3 Ragunan Ps. Minggu  Telp. (021) 7811623, DEPHAN  : Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 13 – 14  Telp. (021) 3802214  Jak-Pus, Mabes TNI Cilangkap  : Depan Gedung BI   Telp. (021) 84595692 Fax  (021) 8710441  Jakarta Timur.  It creates a team of experienced and friendly staff. The key management team represents more than 25 years of tourism experience.

As a Travel Agent, PT. DINA SETYA RAHMA TOURS & TRAVEL has built a solid reputation for services and efficiency in Travel Industry and has rewarded high category for travel agent in Indonesia.

To provide the best services, It has several department - Domestic & International Dept., Tour Dept., Inbound Dept., Convention Organizer and Worldwide Hotel Reservation.

It's Domestic and Hotel Reservation has proved it's success by selling big quantity of products and make it produce the best prices to offer.

It is also proud to say that it has handle lots of satisfied customer since 1987 and make it enjoy a benefit of having repeat customers ever since.

Hope above illustration regarding PT. DINA SETYA RAHMA TOURS & TRAVEL convince you to try our services so good relationship can be built for mutual benefit.




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